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 Cat Oven Body Repaired Mobil (Spraybooth cat Mobil)
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Jual Cat Oven Body Repaired Mobil (Spraybooth cat Mobil)

Spesifikasi Cat Oven Body Repaired Mobil (Spraybooth cat Mobil)

Cat Oven Body Repaired (Spraybooth)

- Wall panel: Sandwich style, g=50mm, polystyrene. Rock wool available as required.

- Basement: Steel structure, 3 rows of vein board and 2 rows of grids, full grids as optional.

- Door: 3 PCS of front door without aluminum side cover. 1PCS of emergency door with pressure lock.

- Ramp: 2 PCS of vein board.

- One 7.5kw intake fan and one 5.5kw exhaust fan.

- 4m straight exhaust ducts, one 90 degree bend, and one 60 degree bend. 5m straight chimney and 2 small bends.

- Spraying/baking transition damper, automatically air controlled.

- Heat exchanger: Stainless steel. Riello g20 burner.

- Roof filter: 4 PCS of filter, mounted above support frame, which is made of steel and powder coated.

- 2 PCS of floor filter and 1 PCS of outlet filter.

- Upper light: 10 sets, 4*40w per set. Side lights: 8sets, 2*40w.

- Control box: Components is import, overload, overheat, phase-lacking protection, straight driven motor.

- Automatically stop when preset time is up.

- Constant temperature spraying.

- Environmental filter: The equipment can be adopted M style activated carbon or drawer style activated carbon.


External size (m) 7.0x5.3x3.5

Internal size (m) 6.9x3.9x2.7

Entrance Width(M) 3.0

Entrance Height(M) 2.66

Fan capacity(m 3 /h) 24000

Air velocity (m/s) 0.3-0.35

Air ventilation (times/h) 332

Max Drying Temperature 60-80

Oil consumption (L/unit) 6-8

Power (kw) 16

Suitable Automobile Type Car

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Gedung Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC Glodok) Lt.2 Blok C.42 No.1

Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127 – Jakarta Barat

Direct contact : 021-22621065/082297689625

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